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Benton Stables
Market and Leffingwell

St. James Methodist Church
Chestnut and Leffingwell

William Mitchell
2814 Pine Avenue

Charles Parsons
2804 Pine Avenue

Mrs. Frank P. Blair
2737 Chestnut Avenue
Founder of St. Louis Children's Hospital

Gerald B. Allen
2735 Chestnut Avenue

Rt. Rev. Bishop C.F. Robertson
2727 Chestnut Avenue

Colonel John Knapp
2732 Pine Avenue

Hugh Campbell
2728 Pine Avenue

John A. Walsh
2721 Pine Avenue

William  B. Hazeltine
2731 Pine Avenue

Dr. Isaiah G.W. Steedman
Pine and Leffingwell Avenues

Henry O'Fallon
2813 Pine Avenue

Major General Francis P. Blair, Jr.
2737 Chestnut Avenue
Civil War Hero, United States Senator

St. George's Episcopal Church
Beaumont and Chestnut