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Abram Nave
2817 Locust Avenue

Honorable Erastus Wells
2725 Olive Street

St. Johns M.E. Church
Locust and Ewing

James Richardson
2827 Locust Street

Dr. M.B. George Maughs
2801 Olive Street

William M. Stickney
2841 Olive Street

Arthur Buckner Barret
2930 Locust Street

Daniel G. Taylor
2920 Locust Street

Dr. Meredith Martin
2914 Locust Street

Colonel J.L.D. Morrison
2740 Locust Street

F. O. Day
2737 Locust Street

Wesley Fallon
2800 Locust Street

Dwight Durkee
2803 Locust Street

George S. Drake
2807 Locust Street

Clifford Richardson
2827 Locust Street