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Milo S. Cartier
3101 Pine Avenue

Car Stables
Market Street and Leffingwell Avenue

Henry B. Belt
3016 Locust Avenue

James H. McCulloch
2926 Olive Street

William O. Gibson
2922 Olive Street

Sylvester H. Laflin
2848 Olive Street

Andrew J. Fox
2928 Olive Street

Dr. George A. Bowman
2800 Locust Street

Dr. Charles E. Briggs
2735 Olive Street

Robert D. Patterson
2828 Locust Street

Second Baptist Church
Beaumont and Locust Streets

Dr. George J. Engelmann
3003 Locust Street

Abraham M. Gardiner
3007 Locust Street

William A. Thornburgh
3023 Locust Street

Greene Erskine
3015 Locust Street