Lucas and Garrison 1975 is a rich and unique research project designed to do a deep dive into the lives of the people who lived in the neighborhood of Plate 71 of the Compton and Dry Maps. The opportunities for the discovery of information long lost or never really documented before are unlimited. This is a project that would benefit from a team of amateur researchers, interested in late Nineteenth Century Saint Louis history, collaborating and building a body of data never before assembled and publicly documented.

Do you want to be a member of this team – The Lucas and Garrison Society?  There is no joining fee, research deadline or time commitment other than your desire to dig into the research. Just pick one of the residents or institutions on the Saint Louis Profile Research Target List that has not already been completely profiled or chosen by another researcher and go to work. You can utilize the list of resources included under the Lucas and Garrison Defined menu tab.

To contact Bill Wichman, the founder and curator of Lucas and Garrison – 1875 for questions, corrections or suggestions, click here.

We are developing a link to a Google Drive account for Lucas and Garrison Society Partners to upload profile information to be added to our research database on this website.