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Sermon Archive 1970-2017

If pastor’s are indeed inspired by God when they preach, and the Word of God is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit….” then the wisdom God has imparted to us through them must be preserved. We have captured the sermons of many former pastors of Central Presbyterian Church in Saint Louis, Missouri and made them available to once again encourage and inspire.

The sermon archive includes the sermons of senior or interim pastors from Central Presbyterian Church in text (PDF) and/or audio (MP3) format for the years 1970 to the present. The pastorates include Dr. Andrew Jumper (1970-1991), Dr. Perry Mobley (1992-1993), Dr. Timothy Brewer (1993-1995), Dr. Daniel Doriani (2003-2013), Mr. Bob Hopper (2014-2016 and Dr. Clay Smith starting in February, 2017. Other pastors who have preached at Central will be added to the archive in time. The sermon archive currently includes more than 1450 sermons.


A sermon list accompanies the archive and the sermons can be sorted by date preached, sermon title, pastor or scriptural sermon text.


Stones of Remembrance – a written history

1994 was the 150th Anniversary of Central Presbyterian Church. The celebration included the publishing of a book to commemorate Central’s long and eventful history. The book, titled Stones of Remembrance, was written by Marilyn McCarthy. Now out of print, sections of the original book, divided by the church’s pastorates, have been converted to PDFs.


Coming Soon – The Central History Project
The First Hundred Years – 1844 – 1944

This archive will be made up of an anthology of video documentaries featuring church artifacts saved from 1844 – 1944 including photographs, newspaper articles, previous histories, celebration commemorations, a history of the different Central locations, early church bulletins, etc. The artifacts were initially gathered and assembled as a printed album. These historical relics will be incorporated into a video documentary depicting the history of the church as it dovetails with the history of Saint Louis and the U.S.

A chart below which graphically depicts the eras of the church can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on it.